You may need to have PACEMAKER if your heart is beating too slowly or you have been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. A pacemaker is a small, light-weighted implanted electronic device that regulates your heartbeat electronically. This can be performed by using a tiny computer to send electrical signals to your heart.  The signals tell the chambers in your heart when to contract which keeps your heart beating at the right place. The procedure of implanting a pacemaker is done under the supervision of a Cardiologist.  A lead is placed into the right heart chamber through veins of the chest and is connected to a battery like device, which is placed beneath the skin of the chest.


Pacemaker does exactly what its name says: It helps keep your heart beating at the right place. This reduces symptoms of a slow heartbeat. Pacemakers can improve your lifestyle by letting you be more active as the sensors in the pacemaker can keep track of your activity level also. Having a pacemaker is a lifelong commitment. You will need to see the best heart specialist for regular check-ups. You will also need to take good care of your heart.

Cardiac Pacemakers in India is a surgery done by the cardiologists. Dr. sanjay Kumar is also known as heart specialist doctor in Faridabad who is specialized in diagnosing and treating diseases related to the heart, blood vessels and circulatory system.