We all know that over whole body depends on the heart, but we might not know if it’s in trouble. Consider your heart as an engine of the body. If the engine slows down, has a short circuit or gets clogged, the engine fails. Don’t wait for heart disease or a heart attack to strike you. A cardiologist highly recommends to pay attention to the signs that your engine needs a checkup or tune-up for any heart issues like a blood clot.The best Cardiologist in Faridabad have gathered five symptoms of an unhealthy heart to watch out for.

#1 Climbing stairs leaves you huffing and puffing

If you have to catch your breath while climbing stairs, could it be that you are out of shape? Could be but again it could be your heart.

If you find you can no longer tolerate exercises that once you did it easily (like climbing stairs), that’s a clue that your heart needs a checkup. So leave out any assumptions and get it checked.

#2 You feel anxious several times

OK, there’s been a lot to be anxious in 2020, but this can often be a symptom of underlying heart problems.

Stress, anxiety and panic attacks can cause palpitations, and anxiety disorders are also associated with cardiovascular problems. So even if you think it’s regular anxiety, you should still get your heart checked.

#3 You feel dizziness upon standing

Feeling dizzy is a result of poor blood circulation into your brain and inner ear. If your heart can not pump enough blood where it needs to go, you may feel lightheaded or dizzy upon standing.

#4 You have pain/burning sensation in your chest area

Could it be a heartburn? Yes, but it might not be as well. Because when the heart pumping is clogged, it may present vague pain around chest, arm, neck and back. Please pay attention to this and consult cardiologist immediately. Dr. Sanjay Kumar is the best Cardiologist in Faridabad.

#5 Even your resting heart is higher than normal

If you have 60 to 100 bpm (and ideally below 90 bpm), it’s an indication that your heart muscle is working well. Anything higher than that (or much higher than normal for you) deserves a mention at your next checkup.

Bottom line…

Let us make a commitment that on noticing any of above mentioned symptoms, we get our heart checked. Timely checkup is what your heart love you for.