There is no doubt that heart disease is serious. It is commonly caused by a person’s lack of prudence when it comes to staying fit and moderately eating. Do people always do this? Certainly not. Generic or hereditary heart diseases, such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, long QT syndrome, very high cholesterol levels in the family, and many others, provide good reasons not to take heart medications. Lets deep dive into the article by best heart doctor in Faridabad to know how to deal with Hereditary Heart Disease.

Hereditary heart disease is due to genetics, and a person cannot be blamed for it since the cause is genetic. The best way to determine whether there is a risk of this sort of disease is to examine the family history.

    1. Keep a record: An individual can learn if there is a risk of hereditary heart disease by finding out if a condition known as arrhythmia runs in the family. Heart arrhythmia is a potentially life-threatening condition in which the heart beats irregularly. In addition, be on the lookout for family members who experienced heart failure at a young age, especially before they reached the age of 50.
    2. Watch out for signs: The signs of hereditary heart disease are not always related to the heart. A person who has fainted or has experienced seizures that cannot be effectively treated by using the normal medicines, which would normally be used in these circumstances, could have hereditary heart disease.
    3. Get tested: A genetic test is crucial to determining whether a person has a hereditary heart disease risk. In this way, gene analysis can be used to determine which hereditary heart diseases a person has, along with the rest of their family. A variety of tests are available for conditions such as HCM, ARVD, and Marfan syndrome.

Additionally, genetic counseling is also considered important. It is to keep one from having sudden heart attacks and to prevent passing on the genes associated with heart disease to one’s children. The importance of this is underrated when it comes to treating hereditary heart disease. You can consult with Dr. Sanjay Kumar – best heart doctor in Faridabad if you wish to discuss any specific problem.