Did you know Selenium is vital for good health? It is an essential trace element in humans. Selenium deficiency is rare in healthy peoples but can be seen in conditions with impaired intestinal function. Heart disease, lack of selenium can cause a risk of weak immunity, know how to overcome it with Dr. Sanjay Kumar, the best heart doctor in Faridabad.

Selenium Deficiency: People who have enough of these nutrients in their bodies have a lower risk of viral and bacterial infections. Those who have entered puberty should consume 55 micrograms of selenium throughout the day.

Selenium Rich Foods: Selenium is one of the important elements required by the body. Health experts believe that selenium is a nutrient that boosts metabolism by keeping people at risk of obesity. The responsibility of this nutrient is also important in keeping the body healthy. whether it is to strengthen metabolism or improve thyroid function, selenium improves physical functioning. Not only this, but it is also helpful in regulating the level of iodine in the body. In this case, let us know in detail about this nutrient.

Selenium for Healthy Body: It is helpful in recycling Vitamin C, which helps in the manufacture and repair of cells. Also, selenium acts as an antioxidant on the body. As a result of this effect, the body is protected from oxidative damage. It is mentioned in many research that due to lack of selenium people can vulnerable to heart disease.

Not only this, but it also affects the immunity of people. People whose body is found in plenty of these nutrients are less likely to have viral and bacterial infections.

How much food is necessary during the day:  As per the Cardiologist in Faridabad, Dr.Sanjay Kumar, people who have entered puberty should consume 55 micrograms of selenium throughout the day. At the same time, children can add about 30 to 40 grams of selenium to the diet daily. In addition, young children should be fed about 20 micrograms of foods rich in this nutrient.

Include in the diet. These Foods: Selenium is found in plenty of seafood, so people can eat seafood like tuna fish, oysters, clams, shrimp, salmon, crab, etc. In addition, sunflower seeds are considered to be an excellent source of selenium. One-quarter cup of sunflower seeds contains 19 micrograms of selenium. At the same time, an egg is also considered to be the best source of selenium. According to expert Cardiologist, Dr. Sanjay Kumar a boiled egg contains about 20 micrograms of selenium. Selenium is also found in abundance in cheese, spinach, milk, curd, banana, mushrooms, oats, and lentils.

Now you know Selenium deficiency is associated with congestive heart failure. It can be detected using a blood test. It is virtually impossible to ingest too much selenium through the diet.​ Selenium is a micronutrient like iron or iodine. Consult now to know more about this.