The heart is one of the most important and hardworking organs of the body and proper heart function is very essential to support life. Heart’s main function consist of pumping blood carrying oxygen and nutrients to all organs of the body. And so many vital roles that the heart performs, it naturally becomes important to keep your heart healthy. Heart diseases are common and can affect anyone at any stage in life. These diseases can either affect the heart, blood vessels or both. Though, having certain lifestyle habits can put you at an increased risk of getting heart diseases. Hence, it is advisable, in order to maintain a healthy heart, you must make certain lifestyle changes which are sure to benefit your heart. Here are some healthy lifestyle tips shared by Dr. Sanjay Kumar, best heart surgeon in Faridabad to prevent heart problems or heart diseases–

  1. Keep a check on your blood cholesterol level
  2. Manage your blood pressure
  3. Manage your diabetes
  4. Get enough sleep
  5. Making exercise a part of your routine works wonders for a healthy heart.
  6. Maintain a healthy weight and BMI
  7. Include heart-friendly superfoods in your diet such as Fatty Fish, Berries, Dark Chocolate, Oatmeal, Green Leafy Vegetables etc.
  8. Include the right fats in your diet

Dr. Sanjay Kumar shared many important tips for Healthy Heart above. He explained that how Exercise, Diet and Life balance are important to avoid Heart Diseases.

If you have any further queries or concerns about heart health and diseases, feel free to consult with Dr. Sanjay Kumar, best Cardiologist in Faridabad via visiting his official website