Winter can be tough on your heart health. From cold weather to holiday stress, it’s important to take extra care of your heart during this time of year. Here are some tips given by Dr. Sanjay Kumar, the best Cardiologist in Delhi NCR for improving your heart health in winter.

  • Stay active: Find ways to stay physically active, even when it’s cold outside.
  • Eat a healthy diet: Focus on foods that are low in saturated and trans fats and high in fiber, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Manage stress: Use techniques such as yoga, meditation, or talking to a friend to manage stress during the holidays.
  • Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption: Both can increase your risk of heart disease.
  • Keep warm: Dress in layers, wear a hat and gloves, and stay warm when outside to protect your heart from cold weather.

Why Heart Health Important in Winter?

The cold weather of winter can put extra stress on your heart. For example cold temperatures can cause blood vessels to narrow, making it harder for blood to flow and increasing the workload on your heart, says Best Cardiologist in Delhi NCR.

If you’re experiencing heart-related symptoms, it’s important to seek help. Dr. Sanjay Kumar is the best Cardiologist in Delhi NCR. He have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating heart problems, using the latest techniques and technologies to provide their patients with the best care. He is presently Director and Head Department of Cardiology at Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad.

In conclusion, taking care of your heart during the winter months is important for your overall well-being. With the help of the Dr. Sanjay Kumar, the best cardiologist in Delhi NCR, you can take control of your heart health and enjoy a happy and healthy winter season.