What are the steps you can do to prevent heart disease?  Preventing heart disease is simple according to Dr. Sanjay Kumar, a cardiologist near me. Get his top ways to prevent heart disease. Read on!
Well, the number one thing is absolutely quit smoking.  Anything more than zero puffs is considered smoking and so you want to refrain from smoking on a regular basis or even socially or even using it as a de-stressor. Now we also say along those lines of no smoking all of those alternative tobacco products are also considered to be toxic to your heart health So, none of those are considered to be safe in the long run for your heart including nicotine patches including smokeless cigarettes. The other things that you need to do from a heart-healthy standpoint are to make sure you exercise.
We recommend about a hundred and fifty minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week. So that’s about thirty minutes, five days a week that you need to do. If you can’t devote 30 minutes at a time even ten-minute increments are important to prevent heart disease. So can you go for more than 150 minutes absolutely that would be great.
The other things that you can do for heart health are your diet making sure you’re eating a diet that’s well balanced reducing the sodium in your diet is key especially if you have high blood pressure or heart failure and then in terms of alcohol there are some guidelines that say for heart disease prevention. No more than one alcoholic beverage for a female and no more than two alcoholic beverages for a male per day and that’s per day that does not mean you bank it for the weekend and collect all of the days. It’s just per day.
It’s important to make sure that you’re maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy waist circumference and so that’s where the diet and the exercise will really help and finally, the other things to take care of them preventing heart disease is meeting with your physician to talk about your heart health risks, your family history, what your blood tests mean and what are those other steps you could do sometimes it may mean medications other times it may just mean lifestyle changes.
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